FREE legal guidance and document service for Australian businesses.

FREE legal guidance and document service for Australian businesses. and Clearpoint Legal collaborate to support local businesses during COVID-19.

Melbourne, Victoria: today launch their timely online offering; a library of essential business contracts and live chat legal guidance. And ‘til the end of September 2020, a subscription will be FREE for Australian businesses to access. is a pragmatic way for businesses to get essential, high-quality legal contracts and clear advice, offering a new, cost-effective way for business owners to make informed decisions and enjoy enhanced security.

“ is designed for Australian businesses looking for different ways to meet their legal needs in uncertain times,” notes Yule Guttenbeil, Director. “ empowers businesses to do much of their own legal work. We’ve brought the launch of the service forward and made subscriptions free, to play our part in keeping Australian businesses in the game through a very difficult period.”

Features and benefits of include:

  • A library of high-quality, essential legal documents to amend and use
  • Live chat legal guidance powered by Clearpoint Legal
  • Discounted legal fees should you require tailored advice and documents.

Joel Cranshaw, Director of and Clearpoint Legal, has identified a critical need for Australian businesses to access legal guidance in the wake of the pandemic, stat. “The questions we are primarily getting asked focus on property and people. Or fixed overheads in the face of decreased or non-existent sales. Australian business owners want to know how to preserve their business by reducing staff or staff hours, or exiting a lease or licensed office space. They’ll need to negotiate terms or terminate agreements.”’s free subscription service will be available starting today, the 31st of March 2020. For more information on visit #modelaw #goodlaw