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Upcoming changes to the platform that will bring game-changing new features

It’s been a really difficult year for Australian businesses – and over the last few months Victorians have had really tough since stage 4 restrictions were introduced. The team are based in Melbourne, and we’ve been affected by the strict lockdown rules too. We’ve been working from home and have had to adapt and figure out how we as a business can best respond to the crisis, just like every other business in our state.  

In March at the outset of the pandemic, we decided to do whatever we could to help other Australian business owners make it through to the other side of COVID-19. Whatever that other side may look like. After all, if there are no businesses – would have no users! We estimated that we would all be on the road to recovery by the end of September. That was very wishful thinking and hasn’t panned out the way we wish it had with lockdown extending to the end of October.  

In the meantime, we’ve been busy developing very significant update to the platform that will bring subscribers game-changing new features such as; 

Counterparty Management 

You can now set up a contact book with the details of all the parties that you do business with. You can then select those parties when creating a legal document to auto-complete their details, saving you even more time!  

Additional Document Templates 

You’ve asked for them, so we’ve made them. Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements, Privacy Policies and SAFE Agreements will all be available through the platform.  

Custom Templates  

If a lawyer tailors a document for you that you will be using regularly in your business, we can turn that document into a custom template for you. You will then be able to access the form and create the document whenever you need it under its own tab in the Accounts section.  

User experience 

We have also been making significant quality of life changes to the user experience.  

Cheaper cost post-free subscription period 

We’ll be introducing a new and cheaper pricing cost after the free subscription period ends. This cost will be significantly cheaper than we had planned to charge before the pandemic hit.  

Given all of the above, we will be extending the free subscription period until the end of October, and (all going well) we’ll be rolling out a souped-up version of the platform when the free subscription period ends. 

Sign up today here and start taking advantage of everything has to offer for free ‘til the 31st October 2020.  

* empowers Australian businesses to thrive with pragmatic legal contracts and clear advise. From now 'til the end of October 2020, we're offering your business free access to's library of essential business contracts to help you stay strong and make good decisions in turbulent times. We know you'll have lots of questions relating specifically to your business, so we're partnered with Clearpoint Legal to provide free legal guidance via's chat service. Clearpoint Legal are even discounting their fees for any paid legal work you might end up needing. and Clearpoint Legal hope that our support helps Australian businesses to get the advice they need throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Tell your friends. It's #ModeLaw #Goodlaw