Your terms supports business owners to take control of their legals with our clever online platform. offers you the expertise of a legal department in your pocket, minus the worry of billshock or the risk of going it alone.


Subscribe to and take control of your legals. Subscriptions include:

Legal documents gives you access to an evergrowing suite of high-quality legal documents. Designed by expert commercial lawyers, these responsive legal documents give you the confidence to do business with integrity. Cost-effective, clever and reliable – our legal documents add safety and legitimacy to your business dealings.

Legal file management keeps all your legal documents secure and accessible, 24-7. Business owners and their appointed lawyer have access to current versions of any legal documents created using Additional files related to matters can also be uploaded, ensuring business owners and lawyers are across all relevant documents. CHAT subscribers can chat online with Responsive Lawyers, providing peace of mind and support. Questions? Unsure of the best way to amend a legal document? Open Chat for assistance using the platform, selecting the correct legal document or completing legal document questionnaires.

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If you need more than a 10-minute chat with a lawyer about your matter, easily book a consultation via ’Talk to a lawyer’ on the platform.

Responsive lawyers

Sometimes, only the expert advice of a lawyer will do. That’s why offer a Responsive Lawyers service to subscribers. Payable in addition to your subscription, Responsive Lawyers allow business owners to:
If you’ve a question about a legal document or legal matter that’s too detailed for Chat, book a consultation with a lawyer via ’Talk to a lawyer’. A simple fixed fee phone or video consultation lets a Responsive Lawyer get to the bottom of the issue your business is facing. No legalese – just clear and expert advice to help you make a better decision and take decisive action.
Know exactly the legal work you want done? We like your style! Responsive Lawyers will provide you with a quote to get the job done. Complete our simple quote document with relevant details and documents, and you’ll soon receive an accurate fixed-fee quote. What a relief fixed-fee services know that the bottom line matters. That’s why all bespoke responsive
lawyer services are charged on a fixed-fee basis. These services include:
Engage a lawyer to customize a legal document to your specific needs. This process comprises a consultation to better understand your requirements, amendment of the legal document, feedback and final revision.

Engage a lawyer to give expert advice on a legal document you are considering signing. Lawyers will provide a fixed-fee quote to review and negotiate any changes to the document on your behalf.

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Does your business require a tailored document that is to be repeatedly used? Engage your Responsive Lawyer to use to create a reusable legal document form within your account. A smart way to expedite business processes, and an asset that can be used time and again.

Sign on that digital line. Have arrange for your tailored legal document to be signed electronically by all parties. Legally binding and sustainable; how very mode.

Get a legal solution with the lot.’s customisable fixed fee packages can include multiple components of our service, from subscriptions through to Responsive Lawyer consultations, preparation of tailored legal documents and more. Let us know what your business needs to thrive; we’re flexible and cost-efficient – just like you.

Working with lawyers supports business owners to take control of their legals with our clever online platform, allowing them to choose when a lawyer needs to be engaged.

While currently in beta phase, is trialing the system with Clearpoint Legal, who are expert commercial lawyers. All pricing for Responsive Lawyer Services applies to work provided by Clearpoint Legal. You will need to agree to Clearpoint Legal’s Engagement Terms in addition to’s Terms of Service. All payments for Responsive Lawyer Services are taken via