Innovative services demand innovative pricing. So combines the convenience of a subscription to provide you the full range of self-service tools, with fixed-free pricing options for everything else.

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Know what you need?

Know what you need? You can start by purchasing one of our service packages which includes a FREE one month subcription:


Included in your subscription you have access to the core set of templates to create legal documents.

The templates are suitable for many common business transactions. New templates can be requested via your account. The template library is regularly updated and added to.


Documents are created by completing simple forms. As you create documents, your account stores the information so you never have to enter it again.

Once a document has been generated it will be added to your client account and you are free to download, edit, reuse or send it for electronic signing.


Sometimes you just need a little bit of assistance or guidance on a document you are creating or to check whether or not there might be legal implications to some issue that has arisen in your business.

Our chat support service is included in your subscription and is designed to provide you with those little bits of comfort and assistance from our lawyers, via your desktop or mobile device, when you need it most.


Need something else? is always looking to provide more for its subscribers. If you can’t find something specific on our service, you can request it via the chat. That said, booking a consultation is a sure-fire way to scope-out your needs and receive a fixed-fee quote for the job.


Sometimes you just need something now, whether it’s incorporating a new company and setting up a registered address or establishing the arrangement between business owners.


If you have questions about a document or another legal matter that is too detailed for chat support, the best thing to do is to simply book a consultation with a lawyer via A fixed fee phone or video consultation lets us get to the bottom of the issues that you are facing, and point you in the right direction.

During a consultation our lawyers may be able to solve your issue, suggest another consultation or provide a fixed fee quote to complete the matter or transaction.


Of course one size does not fit all, and templates may need some adjustment to meet your specific needs. In this case a lawyer can tailor templates or create a new template for you to use through your account, for a fixed fee.


As you purchase more services your loyalty is recognised by reducing prices.

When you reach a tier within your subscription period, any services you purchase after that date (in addition to your subscription) will be at a reduced rate for the following 12 months.

All subscribers start on bronze subscriptions and can achieve & maintain loyalty tiers as follows:


if you spend $5,000 within 12 months

To maintain your Silver status you will need to spend an additional $4,000 plus GST within your 12 month benefit period.


if you spend $10,000 within 12 months

To maintain your Gold status you will need to spend an additional $8,000 plus GST within your 12 month benefit period.


if you spend $20,000 within 12 months

To maintain your Platinum status you will need to spend an additional $16,000 plus GST within your 12 month benefit period.


Not all services can be provided by lawyers within the time-frame of a consultation. In such cases your lawyer will quote a fixed fee amount to provide.

Our fixed fees are exclusive of GST and quoted in accordance with this rate card*:

bronze silver gold platinum
XXS $275 $250 $225 $200
XS $550 $500 $450 $400
S $1,100 $1,000 $900 $800
M $1,650 $1,500 $1,350 $1,200
L $2,200 $2,000 $1,800 $1,600
XL $3,300 $3,000 $2,700 $2,400
XXL $4,400 $4,000 $3,600 $3,200
*rate card subject to change from time to time on notice via your account.