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If you have questions about a document or another legal matter that is too detailed for chat support, the best thing to do is to simply book a consultation with a lawyer via

A fixed fee phone or video consultation lets us get to the bottom of the issues that you are facing, and point you in the right direction. During a consultation, our lawyers may be able to solve your issue, suggest another consultation or provide a fixed fee quote to complete the matter or transaction.

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20% off on all lawyer consultations booked via platform^

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* empowers Australian businesses to thrive with pragmatic legal contracts and clear advice.

We are offering your business a free access to's library of essential business contracts until September 2020 to help you stay strong and make good decisions in turbulent times.

We have partnered with Clearpoint Legal to provide you guidance related to your business queries. Their assistance is available on our chat service. Clearpoint Legal are even discounting their fees for any paid legal work you might end up needing. and Clearpoint Legal hope that our support helps you to get the right business advice throughout the COVID-19 crisis. is here for #GoodLaw

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