New features and what’s coming next

New features and what’s coming next

We’re very excited today to be able to share with you the new features to the platform and to reveal what we’ve got planned next!  

New features: 

Subscription pricing 

There will be a new subscription pricing, but don’t worry, we’re not completely doing away with the free subscription. An unpaid user account will still allow you to:  

  1. Gain access to any files stored in your account 
  2. Request quotes for legal work via ‘get a quote’ 
  3. Book legal consultations via ‘Talk to a lawyer’  
  4. Create documents using a limited selection of templates 

Full access and functionality will be available to paid subscribers. For more information on subscription levels and pricing, visit our pricing page here. 

Get a quote 

We’ve now added the ability to request a quote from a dedicated form. If you know exactly what you want from a lawyer, you can complete the form and upload all the relevant documents. You will then receive a quote from on behalf of Clearpoint Legal. This is perfect if you have been given a contract that you want a lawyer to review for you.  

Counterparty Management 

Not only does remember who you are, now it also remembers who your staff are and who you do business with. You can manage these contacts in their own dedicated tabs in the accounts section and make new ones when creating a document. Once you’ve created a counterparty record, you can then select them from a dropdown list when creating another template.  

Multiple businesses 

If you have more than one business, but you only wish to use one account then you are going to love this. We’ve made it possible for you to manage multiple businesses from just one single account. You can add and edit any businesses you manage in your account then they’ll be available for you from a dropdown list in the forms when you create a document so you can use templates for every business you run. This feature will be available to Silver and Gold level subscribers.  

Employee records 

For each business that you add to your account, you can manage the records of its employees. This will make it easy to select the person within your business that is to be the contact person or signatory when creating a template document.  

What’s coming next: 

While you enjoy these new features, we’re already hard at work building the next version of on all new architecture. This means we’ll be able to bring you new and game-changing features much faster. Here are just a few changes we’re working on:  

New look and feel 

As we develop, we continue to learn more about how our users would like the platform to work. Sometimes all it takes is a simple fix – an extra button here, more explanation there etc. However, some feedback requires more fundamental changes to the layout. So, we’ve listened and we’re working on some changes to the look and feel. Rest assured; it’s going to look really nice. 

Use your own lawyer 

We have recently been seeking feedback from users and so far we’ve had a pretty overwhelmingly positive response. But there is one question we get a lot – what is’s relationship with Clearpoint Legal? To answer that, we need to look at what the goal of the platform is.  

Since day one, we wanted to provide businesses with the ultimate platform for managing their legals. Not only does that mean they can create their own contracts, and choose how they interact with a lawyer (I.e. via the chat, requesting a quote or booking a consultation) – it also means engaging with the lawyer of their choice through the platform. At the moment, that’s a lawyer at Clearpoint Legal, but soon it will be a lawyer that you choose. 

Clearpoint Legal are currently the only law firm that can support users with their legal needs. The chat service, talk to a lawyer consultations, tailored documents and quotes are all provided by Clearpoint Legal via That will change once we are confident that the lawyer side functionality is robust enough to allow other lawyers access to provide those services. Clearpoint Legal have allowed us to use them as guinea pigs until we have built lawyer specific functionality. The idea is that if we can smooth the way users interact with one law firm, we can then scale that up to work with others. will continue to act as an interface between users and their lawyers, enabling their lawyers to send quotes and take bookings via the platform. This means you will continue to receive invoices from your selected lawyer via who will handle the payments on the lawyer’s behalf.  


One of the key features that we want to ensure we get right is a robust fixed-fee quoting system. So, when you request a quote from a lawyer via, it will appear in your account where it is easier to manage. This won’t just streamline the quoting, invoicing and payment process, but also for you to pick and choose the services you want and query the scope. Of course, this will be of more use once other lawyers begin providing services via the platform.  

A lot to look forward to. We’re always keen to hear your feedback so we can continue to make as user-friendly as possible. Feel free to reach out to us here with any thoughts you have about the platform. We’re all ears!  

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